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Our loveable menagerie consists mainly of rescued and adopted farm animals. There were turkeys heading for the dinner table, an abandoned litter of stray kittens in a hedge, hens in need of a home and a three-legged senior cat looking for a comfortable retirement home. We couldn't help but take them all in! All the animals run free with us, except for Graham, who has headbutting tendencies, and for the most part they all get along! There was a time when the Cockerel literally ruled the roost but we've since all learned to stand our ground. Charles and Camilla, the turkeys, are oddly flirtatious much like our hand reared feral cats, who are also very loving . All in all, we are one big happy, dysfunctional farm family!

"To the most friendly kitties we’ve ever met. Thank you for making our stay even more special!"

Lovely to see so many animals enjoying themselves...

Graham is living his best life and having all what he needs with you guys definitely, the luckiest!

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