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Little Nordiste Glamping

*Please note our booking system will only accept a total of 4 persons (max. 3 kids). Please enquire about bookings with more than 3 kids.

Welcome to

Hollie & Jordan welcome you to their unique Pygme Goat Glamping Experience!

Located on the idyllic island of Sark in the Channel Islands, just off the coast of France.

The Little Nordiste Farm was born somewhat by accident, as Hollie & Jordan's love for animals acquired them several Pygmy goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, cats and Biff the dog. Their mini farm quickly became a much loved spot for locals to come and interact with the animals whilst enjoying the incredible sea view. From here the idea of setting up a glamping experience was born and the rest is history!


We currently share our home with a herd of nine Pygmy goats, six hens, four cats, four ducks, two turkeys, one cockerel and a doggie in a pear tree! Except for the birds and our billy goat, Dante, all the other animals are free range. Goats are very nosey creatures by nature so the glamping area has a fence around it to ensure no goat ends up in your bed! Our guests are welcome to interact as much or as little as they like with our furry and feathered friends, as long as our rules are respected. These mainly centre around not feeding the animals unsupervised and not entering Dante's enclosure.


Our property is located in the North of the island, facing East towards France, with fantastic sunrises. The glamping area enjoys a large green lawn, with woodland below and uninterrupted sea views! A trail through the woods leads down the headland to our private mooring area. Here, guests may sunbath, picnic, swim right off the rocks or try out the thrilling zip-wire ride that ends with a splash! A handy box of snorkels, BBQ utensils and other items is kept here for the use of our guests.

Click here to visit the official tourism website and learn more about the island of Sark.

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